Our MEAN Application Development Services

We are a foremost service provider of MEAN stack development services in India and we provide broad spectrum of customized MEAN stack development services to our countrywide clientele. Our MEAN stack web application development services are a blend of robust, yet adaptable and expandable dynamic JS-based technologies which includes


MongoDB is a powerful, document-oriented NoSQL database that helps accelerate development and flexibility. MongoDB not only supports JSON natively but also represents data in a way that makes sure any JavaScript can identify it quickly. Our team of experts is skilled at harnessing the power of MongoDB to provide excellent solutions to our clients.


Express.JS is a well-built web application and online development Node.JS framework. It allows us to develop responsive and attractive web interfaces that are not only user-friendly but also provide sturdy feature sets for multi-page and single-page hybrid web applications. Our team of skilled MEAN stack developers is highly-experienced and expert in using Express.JS to develop dynamic websites and applications.


AngularJS initially developed by Google empowers us to extend complete HTML vocabulary support for your web applications, thereby aiding fast front-end development. Our team of experienced MEAN stack developers is highly-adept at utilizing the full power of AngularJS to build dynamic and powerful web applications.


Node.JS is an extremely efficient platform created on Chrome's JavaScript runtime, is more than a simple web server implemented with integrated features. NPM, the Node.JS package manager is robust, fast, and highly adaptable, and our team of expert developers can easily define and install project dependencies. We are experienced and eminently qualified in using Node.JS for a vast variety of applications.

At Embin Technologies, we have assisted to build intuitive, interactive, and easy-to-use applications using MEAN Stack.

Our MEAN Stack Development Process

At Embin Technologies, our team of skilled MEAN developers follows a strong process for delivery of our MEAN stack development services which enables us to bypass tiresome package management, tidying up libraries, system administration, and eventual deployment problems while efficiently and suddenly developing web applications and websites.

Few Key Steps in our Approach

Requirement Gathering

We collect all the project requirements in detail, attempting to comprehensively understand our clients' challenges and requirements.


A dedicated project manager analyses the project necessities in detail and devises a robust project plan.


A primary design is formulated and sent to our clients for approval. Feedback, if any, is consolidated.


MEAN stack development initiates according to the specific project plan.

Integration and Testing

Once development is concluded, the project is integrated at the client's end and fully tested. Inconsistencies, errors, and bugs are systematically fixed.


After all the bugs and errors have been corrected, the application is stationed at the client's end.