What We Do

Embin Technologies ecosystem involves advanced technology development tools across a range of 8-32 bit processors framework and microcontrollers. The debug and trace implements deal with emerging trends of Android Debugging, Energy Profiling and Multicore Debugging through JTAG/SWD (Serial Wire Debug) interfaces. Embin Technologies caters connectivity solutions for CAN, Ethernet, LIN, Multi-Port Serial and Digital I/P, Wireless and USB technologies.

In the Middleware layer, our products actively support embedded application development with Premium Quality, Compactness, Embedded Databases, Optimized and easily accessible RTOS, Protocol Stacks and Driver Development Tools (Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi) throughout Linux, Windows, Android and various other platforms.

Embin Technologies serve as per the demanding requirements of high-quality SOM (System on Modules), Embedded PC-Boards and Rapid Development Kits which easily kick-start embedded designs, propel ideation to prototype and conclusive product, all together in an inexpensive approach with less design risk.

We serve a broad spectrum of embedded vertical markets incorporating Healthcare, Hospitality, Consumer, Industrial Automation, Technology.

Moreover providing total system solutions and product development including application development in C and C++, firmware and device driver development, assembly coding, RTOS porting to target systems and custom board design.

The team of technical experts at Embin Technologies is skilled in identifying client requirements precisely, recommending end-to-end solutions, supporting and training client units while they learn to effectively utilize the entire set of tools and features.