An Ace Software Development Process


Our developers work to get a profound understanding of the business process. We have comprehensive experience of working in the iteration with the least project documentation. All ideas go through business analysis and workability studies before joining the project pipeline.

Dynamic Approach

We flawlessly handle all changes, continuously engaging stakeholders, and user feedback to drive the scope modification strategy. Our development team makes sure that you get the product you desire.


Our development team will write the code that will definitely meet the requirements of your software, keeping in mind the need of your end-users. In this phase, the developers ensure that the software is bug-free and effective.


We bring together a team that conducts an analysis of all the requirements of the clients and provides the technical documents for it. We devise a basic design that meets the customer’s requirements.


We cater 24X7 support to all our clients; also provide technical and online support services to our customers. Our services benefit customers to meet their company's specific requirements.


Our software maintenance team assists the customers to meet their needs by enhancing the software application performance. Our maintenance services are low-cost and prompt. We fix errors and bugs all related to the software.

Custom Software Development Services

UI/UX Design

Our team of skilled UX/UI designers goes beyond the expectation by creating extraordinary, user-friendly designs of enterprise systems. We also provide problem-solving strategies motivated by design thinking methodologies. We focus on all the visual and experimental features of the products. Our team of experts at Embin Technologies produces the best product designs for software companies. We also ensure that resultant UI is extremely usable across multiple devices and platforms.

Development & Testing

Our qualified QA team has expertise in software testing for mobile and web apps. We use various types of software testing methods to identify the error and any other issues. We provide the best-quality testing services to our clients to satisfy their company's needs.

Scrum Software

With scrum software development, we assist to deliver a top-quality product within the time specified. It supports to keep everyone informed about the progress of the daily meetings; the team concentrates only on the task to meet the customer's specifications. It also helps to boost the productivity of the team members. Scrum helps to assure that the estimable work has been achieved at the end of the project.

Waterfall Software

With the waterfall software development service, we assist in developing the custom application within a planned budget, timeline, and specification. We also assist in developing the solution for the company’s operational, promotional, and HR needs. It encourages you to make more intelligent decisions with reasonable output.

Bespoke Web Application

Our development service guides you to achieve a competitive advantage. We develop web applications to meet the particular needs of the clients. We develop a compact back-end system integration that offers exceptional support to the team responsible for operating the website everyday.

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Our application re-engineering services benefit the organization to modify legacy applications through several methods to make them more appropriate to the modern technological environment. Migrating the application helps organizations to enhance performance and improve productivity. We also offer upgrade and migration solutions for legacy apps. Our services are aimed at assuring that migrating the application to a new technology occurs swiftly without any interruption.

Application Maintenance

At Embin Technologies, application maintenance service ensures a powerful platform for operating and managing the business application. We follow the finest application software maintenance practices to make your software powerful and most secure. We identify and make use of the most beneficial tools to build your applications and expand them according to the business demands.

Mobile Apps

Our highly skilled and expert development team help out in creating a mobile application that is aligned with the company’s strategy. Collaborate with us to create your very own and unique mobile application throughout multiple platforms that will surely enable you to engage customers quickly and enhance workforce productivity. Extend the capabilities of our current software system on mobile to integrate new workflow, enhance the user experience, improve security, better performance, and join with the third-party solutions.

Legacy Application Modernization

Embin Technologies’ legacy application modernization services help to increase flexibility, minimizes the cost, and reduces disruption. Our services empower you to revamp your business process and generate new marketing opportunities. Our development services not only providing a powerful application to clients but also help them to cut down their operational costs and maintain easy operation.

Game Development

Our experienced and highly skilled game developers create graphics, themes, and develop creative games with out-of-the-box ideas. We use the latest technology and tools to develop interactive games that keep gamers engaged. We also assist our clients to convert their creative ideas into games by presenting the best quality and cost-effective solution. We develop customized games across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.