Working from concept to deployment, our service offerings include architecture design, UI/UX design strategy, development, QA, and deployment services. We are an end-to-end provider for all your iOS/Android and web/cloud software and support needs.


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Web and Mobile App Development Services

Embin helps organizations right from start-ups, to small to medium businesses build high quality websites and mobile apps with an exceptional user experience.

At Embin, we work closely with customer product teams to analyze the customer's vision, specific business objectives, and product USP. Embin understands that every customer need is unique and works towards synchronizing and customizing it's offerings to seamlessly converge with the customer's ultimate goal.

Our core offerings:
  • Development of smart applications for iOS and Android devices.
  • Development of client/server web applications using open source technologies.
  • Development of API services that communicate with third-party legacy systems.
  • Deployment services to host web apps on dedicated or cloud-based servers.

  • Web Software:
    • Client / Browser side: JQuery framework, CSS 3, Ajax, HTML 5, ReactJS, AngularJS.
    • Server side: PHP 5.3, Node.js, Node Express, DHCPD, Apache 2.0, MySql, Linux (Fedora/CentOS/Ubuntu).
    • Data transmission: Socket.IO, XML, JSON.
    • API Services: REST architecture.
    • CMS: WordPress.
  • Mobile Software (iOS):
    • Stack: iOS Native
    • Programming language: Swift 3
    • Tools: Xcode 11
  • Mobile Software (Android):
    • Stack: Android Native
    • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
    • Tools: Android Studio

Web and Mobile Apps for Connected devices

We build robust and secure Web and Mobile apps to harness the power of smart devices. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that help monitor, configure and control complex Consumer, Industrial Automation, and Home Healthcare solutions.

Our service offerings:
  • Consumer Electronics: Developing secure webserver and mobile applications to manage/monitor/control everything from a simple standalone home appliance to complex connected smart home solutions.
  • Home Healthcare solutions: Web and mobile apps that ensure fault-free sensor data acquisition, management, and presentation from complex connected IoT systems catering to individuals and healthcare providers.
  • Hospitality solutions: Web server apps that enable hotel operaters intelligent and efficient management of guest room facilities through centralized control interfaces. Seamless integration with Property Management Systems (PMS) & Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • Industrial Automation: Software services that facilitate device-to-device communication, data capturing and processing.

Client Engagement Model

We map one of the following custom engagement models on our ICube process to work with you. Based on your development methodology and requirements our ICube process get re-aligned and customized to provide you with optimal cost and control benefits.

At Embin it is process not individual governs a project. ICube is an outcome of our past experience and future strategy.

Offshore Projects:

This model is best suited for a one off project requirement.

With highest respect for client's intellectual property, it initiates with a signing of mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) followed by detailed project requirement from client's end. These requirements are analyzed by the techno-commercial team and a proposed business document with the technical solution is set forth for iterations and finalization. Once purchase agreement is signed off, the team implements and installs the complete tested and approved system along with all relevant documents from our India development center.

This model can further be expanded to an Offshore Development Center, providing long term cost benefits and knowledge retention.

Offshore - Onsite Projects:

This model takes the advantage of an on-site co-ordinator stationed at client location.

This coordination between the customer and the India development center is done by the on-site co-ordinator, there by reducing the task of day-to-day remote interaction for the client team.

With highest respect for client's intellectual property, it process initiates with a signing of mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and thereafter the on-site co-ordinator collects the detailed project requirement specifications and are frozen on-site in co-ordination with the client and the backend techno-commercial team. The development and testing team in India then develops the system. The final system integration and testing is then carried out by the on-site co-ordinator, there by reducing the time involved in remote system integration and final testing.